The Aldan Group brings together the expertise and tradition from the family that built the first building in São Paulo, in 1924, and established itself in the high end real estate market, and started to act also in the hotel segment in 1988.

In 1992, the developer launched its first flat with a focus on long-stay, inaugurating the George V Residence, a landmark for hospitality São Paulo.

The Aldan Group manages the George V Alto de Pinheiros and the George V Casa Branca units, with the proposal to combine administrative excellence, high profitability and exquisite service, translated in comfort, refinement and well -being . Today, manages also Natingui and Hillman Restaurant.

Our brands

George V Casa Branca
A few meters from Rua Oscar Freire, considered the 8th most luxurious street in the world, has 66 apartments, from 646 ft² to 947ft² , decorated by Sig Bergamin, to offer maximum comfort and sophistication and the Aldan group excellence in services. See site >

George V Alto de Pinheiros
With 79 apartments from 592 ft² to 1022 ft² and decor signed by HBA, is a landmark in the long-stay high standard segment. In a forested and easy accessed neighborhood, is a few meters from Vila Madalena, which brings together many of the best bars and restaurants in Sao Paulo. See site >

Aveiro Restaurant
Located on the ground floor of the George V Casa Branca, the Aveiro Restaurant brings together the best of portuguese cuisine.

Natingui Restaurant
Located on the ground floor of the George V Alto de Pinheiros, the Natingui Restaurant brings together the best of Brazilian cuisine and international cuisine . Has the capacity to host events of up to 38 people. It offers Wi-Fi and free parking valet.

Restaurante Aveiro Restaurante Natingui George V Residence - Alto de Pinheiros George V Residence - Casa Branca

What we do

• strategic management and high end operational hospitality, always striving to achieve the best results.

• establish and strive for maintaining a unique standard of quality in the services offered by the flats managed by Aldan Group.

• investor relations based on transparency and results, with financial statement and consolidated information generated monthly.

• advisory and responsibility managing finances, accounting, tax and labor.

• strict adaptation to the rules and laws governing the hotelsegment.

• partnership with CHILDHOOD BRAZIL on projects to support the prevention and protection of children and adolescents at risk.

• management of marketing campaigns, including culturalpartnerships.


Besides focusing on customer satisfaction, Aldan Group prioritizes a transparent relationship with its investors. In this sense, we provide periodically spreadsheets with relevant numbers and comparisons of each business.

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Mission and values

To have the highest level of excellence in providing services responsibly and integration of the entire team.

Be a hotel operator recognized nationally for their commitment, integrity and excellence in service with highly qualified customers, investors and suppliers.

Train, develop and professionalize the staff to be offered a high quality service, professionalism and commitment to our customers, prioritizing ethics, honesty, fairness and respect among all. Always have a transparent relationship between our employees, customers and society.

Citizenship and awareness

Childhood Brazil partnership
Childhood Through Partnership with Brazil, Grupo Aldan and their companies actively participate in the prevention and combating sexual exploitation of children and adolescents in Brazil. Through specific business procedures, follow a Conduct Code, which is responsibly adopted by our employees and disseminated among our partners, suppliers and investors.

Waste Management
Committed to sustainable development and reducing environmental damage, Grupo Aldan practice in all its enterprises garbage collection through outsourced company with ISO 14001 certification. With this, we hope to collaborate to decrease the final amount of waste destined for landfill and the preservation of our ecosystem.

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